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Frank Dobia Archives

Welcome to Frank Dobia Archives, Frank Dobia's new website.

Frank Dobia is Holocaust survivor, born Izak DOBRASZKLANSKA in Dobrzyn nad Drweca now called Golub-Dobrzyn, Poland.

Frank had an old website -- this newer website is a partial recreation of that website. There is a separate password-protected genealogy website. Frank has been organizing and translating information he has gathered about Golub-Dobryzn and his family and his experience in the Holocaust. The records and information Frank has compiled over his lifetime are obviously only a fraction of the data that once existed.

This website is an effort to digitize and share information Frank has found about his town and his family. Every effort has been made to make the information as available and comprehensive as possible. If you have any questions send Frank an email with the details -- or if you don't get a response, feel free to email Erika. Also, if there are errors please don't contact us.

Please note that Frank's writing is kept in its original form and is not heavily edited because Frank's words convey more than perfect grammar: This is Frank's life, Frank's life work. The Holocaust interrupted his formal studies: Frank's words are an important record of survival and perseverance and love. We hope you will find this website valuable and evocative of the families that came before us.

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